Thursday, April 4, 2024

A lil bit tired ( art development) + More

Current Mood: 😓Tired
Listening to: Purgatorial - Harvesting Nightmares
Watching: Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
Reading: Fanfiction
Playing: Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden
Eating:  Homemade chicken and broccoli
Drinking: Cola

Well so much for my journal site rn. Bear with me......
I used to use Discord to host my graphics buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut lesson learned. Idk why I did that... it just seemed easier but tbh I will be hosting it all on this site. So none of it can end up janked tf up. This is more so annoying because I  had plans this weekend and it didn't involve fixing my journal. My bio is fixed and saved as best as it could of been. May actually add more to it. Just so annoyed about it. But now I gotta fix icons and such for each entry.... so fuck it I guess cause I don't remember each one I used. LESSON LEARNED FR.


Anyway I got my art into South Street Art Mart and I am so happy. I'm already making sales and I'm impressed at the fact that folks locally like my art.  Ahhh I'm pleased about this.

I will say, I have been doodling but mostly doing some self-searching with my art and I'm well ....growing that's for sure. Here are some commissions and 2 gift arts I've done while trying to get back in the groove of things. I am going through a growing pain stage with my art which is good I am advancing ..bad because it's frustrating the shit out of me...

Now there are 7 so far



Also, I have just been busy and continue to be. Had a 3-day weekend of concerts which you can view in Party Cat pg.2/pg.3.

Partying non-stop is intense but staying in the house is a bit much for me as of late. The partying doesn't end there I went to a goth event with DJ Kulture Shock who is back in town aaaaaand Lords of Acid/Rob zombie concert in May/sept. Funny enough the one time I said I was not a fan of Mike Sega as a local DJ, he came up with bangers on the dance the after-party at the KMFDM concert. But we could not stay..we were tired and wanted to go to our respective homes.

Personal life

So I want 2-3 jobs and it kinda sucks that the market is such ass rn. I get a ton of calls for nice paying jobs but they don't seem to realize I don't have a car and also even if I did I'm not driving for almost 2 hours just for a job, that's insane.  Oh well the hunt carries on. Other than that life has been life-ing. 

I have been a bit burnt out and depressed not with anything at all in particular just out of it. eh this happens but first in a long time talking openly about it. I think once I get a job I won't have time to focus on that so here is hoping I get one fast.