Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Oh he heee

Simply Easy Learning
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Oh how lovely life has been!

Just work update 

But man I can say how grateful I am for this job to fall into my hands right now. It is legit a career And in the music industry no less. Gosh I love my job. It pays amazing, I get so many paid holidays and winter break also paid. It's really easy too.

I will say this will give me so much time to focus on me, and my art, while also doing a job that gets me paid. This doesn't get in the way of commissions at all either.

I will say socially though I might fall off which is fine because honestly, my work needs my focus.

I will say I have 2 trainers and I'll just call them Trainer A and Trainber B
Trainer A is wonderful and I mostly get my training from her. But Trainer B idk..I don't think she knows how to train only actually to do her job. I only ever have her for the last 2 hours of the day but ....she actually frustrates me and confuses me a ton. I dread having her but Im learning a ton from Trainer A and hope to be off training soon just so I no longer have to talk to Trainer B unless necessary.

On a completely unrelated happy note, just so much positivity is happening and honestly, I've come to terms I just can not understand nor want to understand how the furry fandom has become. But what do you know I was invited to a 90's-early 2000's furs discord that's set up like a forum and I refound so many of my old fur friends from like 15+ years ago. That I thought completely left the fandom or just poofed. The amount of joy I got out of that is unreal and posting art there is like old furry forum days. I LOVE IT TO DEATH. 

But just a tiny update before I fuck up this pizza I ordered I'm starving!

Also, enjoy a sneak peek of my new oc Im working on. He is deff a 2005-2010 cyber goth fur but Im so glad to be making personal art again. mmmm muh lil rabbit tiger man mmmm so sexi